Tips for the care of your fine lingerie

So that you can enjoy your new lingerie for a long time, I recommend that you observe the following care instructions. The care varies from piece to piece, you will find the correct care for your product on the product page or on the care label itself. In principle, however, applies:

Wash by hand only
Please wash your lingerie only by hand in lukewarm water and with a mild detergent.

Do not dry in the tumble dryer

Please dry your lingerie after washing only in the air and not in the tumble dryer.

Do not iron

The net fabric used is sensitive to heat and shrinks when ironed, so do not iron.

Caution with long fingernails

As with any fine laundry, you should take care not to tear your new favorite piece with your fingernails. But don’t worry, the materials are not as sensitive as pantyhose, for example.

What do the symbols on the care label mean?

Symbol Meaning
  Handwah only
  Washing at 30 °C without spinning (wool washing cycle)
  Washing at 30 °C
  Do not bleach
  Dry lying down
  Do not dry in tumble dryer
  Do not iron
  Do not dry clean